• Gimme Loot, Hasadim!

    גמילות חסדים Acts of Loving Kindness

    A number of years ago the following joke was circulating among Jewish educators:
    “What does a bank robber say when he robs a bank in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?”
    Gimme loot, Hasadim!

    Well, we are not bank robbers, but we are here to ask for money.
    The best part of it is, it will not cost you a cent!

    American Express is offering a deal we cannot refuse:
    make a (minimum) purchase of $25 at a small business (i.e. Temple Menorah) using your American Express card, and AMEX will refund $25 back into your account.
    (If you make a $50 donation, it will cost you only $25!)

    There is, however, the proverbial Good News/Bad News.
    The Good News: you “purchase” a $25 donation to Temple Menorah.
    The Bad News: American Express will honor this pledge only on Saturday, November 26, 2011.
    The Good News again? You have between Havdalah (6:04 pm) and midnight November 26 to process your donation.

    For all the details, and to register your card (required) with American Express, visit this link.

    Questions? Call the Temple Office or drop Ros Lanes an e-mail.
    Remember, you must register your American Express card before making your donation,
    and the donation may be made on Saturday evening, November 26 only.

    We have a donation form in place at TempleMenorahMiami.org/AMEX