• Ki Teitzei ~ 5773 ~ כי־תצא

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    Ki Teitzei ~ 5773  ~ כי־תצא

    A female war captive must be isolated 30 days before she can be taken as a wife. If the marriage ends, she is a free woman. The first born son inherits, regardless if his mother is the favorite wife or not. A rebellious son is brought to judgment by his parents. If found guilty, he is put to death. The executed cannot be left in public view. Found animals or items are the responsibility of the finder to return. Even the feelings of animals must be respected.

    A house owner is responsible for providing safe areas for people to walk. Different types of hybridization or mixing is forbidden. The Laws of marriage, family arbitration and forbidden liaisons are reviewed here. It is forbidden to hate Edomites or Egyptians. Specific hygiene Laws are rotated for the people of Israel. A runaway slave cannot be returned to the master. The people of Israel must never charge each other interest. We must always pay what we’ve promised G-d.

    It is permitted to taste/eat fruit only while passing through that field. Divorce is acceptable yet sad reality of life. One may not remarry his divorced wife if her second husband divorced her or died. A newlywed does not go off to war. Life sustaining materials cannot be taken or confiscated to pay bills. Kidnapping is a capital offense. The lender must respect the personal rights of the borrower. The poor should be a constant concern of ours. We are forbidden to pick our fields perfectly clean. We must leave food for the poor to glean (scavenge). As we are sensitive to animals so too must we be sensitive to orphans and widows. There must be one set of standard weights for public use. Remember and destroy Amalek.

    MAFTIR Deuteronomy 25:17 – 19 ~ page 856

    HAFTARAH Isaiah 54:1 – 10 ~ page 856

    Isaiah foresees the time when the exiles will return from captivity and the cities of the Holy Land will be repopulated more than ever before. Just as a deserted wife returns to her husband so will Israel be reunited with G-d and her former humiliation forgotten, for G-d’s anger was momentary. Just as He had sworn “that the waters of Noah would no more go over the earth” so His new covenant of peace with Israel would be everlasting.


    Parashah Study Questions

    1. What Yiddish word has its linguistic origins in the Hebrew for “desire” (ú÷Àù­çÈ ) in verse 21:11?

    2. Returning a lost object (v. 22:1-3) depends on two factors: the object must have a ‘siman’ (סִימָן) and the owner must not despair – ‘ye’ush’ (יֵאוּשׁ) . Based on this law, what should I do if I find an $18,000 Rolex on Lincoln Road? A $10 baseball cap in Starbucks?

    3. According to v. 22:5, may a man wear a “Dorothy Costume” on Purim? How about at a birthday party?

    4. According to v. 23:4-8, should there be any restrictions on admitting converts from Germany? Spain? Saudi Arabia?

    5. What civil law in America has its obvious foundation in v. 24:10?