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    B’rukhim ha-Ba’im

    Welcome to Mahkolet Academy!

    Click here (or the image below) to view our kids singing Shalom Aleichem

    About Mahkolet Academy

    We are very excited to launch this unique concept in Jewish education. The Hebrew word Mahkolet means market or store. We envision very well stocked shelves with a great many fascinating items available to your children, our Jewish customers.

    Students will have the opportunity to earn Mahkolet Shekalim (also known as Menorah Money) by completing personal projects. With their hard earned cash, they will make purchases at the Mahkolet: treats (mamtahkeem), toys
    (tza’a’tzu’im), and other prizes (prasim), in a totally Hebrew environment.

    We have exciting programs planned for the year, each revolving around a Jewish holiday or festival. Learning will be experiential, as students actively engage with the tradition and the Hebrew language.

    There will also be a number of field trips (tiyulim) and special guest speakers (no’amim), enabling students to break out of the confines of the classroom and take their Jewish learning to the wider world.

    We look forward to working closely with you as together we help your children develop a love and appreciation of Jewish learning, the Jewish tradition, and the Hebrew language.

    As with everyone at Temple Menorah, we maintain an open door policy here at Mahkolet. Please feel free to contact us here.