• Passover Day 1 • 5775 • פסח יום א׳

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    Passover Day 1 5775  פסח יום א׳

    Torah Reading  Exodus 12:21–51 Hertz Chumash (pages 257-260)

    5th Aliyah 12:29 – 51 ~ page 258-260

    Moshe instructs the Israelite elders to paint all Jewish  door posts with the blood of the Passover Lamb. The ritual of Passover is for eternity— not just for the generation of Emancipation. According to v. 12:29, the  plague of the First Born occurred at  midnight – then why the Jews could not leave their homes until morning (V.22)?

    6th Aliyah 12:29 – 51 ~ page 258-260

    The Death of the First Born  devastates Egypt. Pharaoh gives “orders” for the Israelites to leave  according to Moshe’s instructions from G-d. The “wealth” of Egypt is given  to the Israelites. In their haste to flee, “Matzah” comes into  being. Only Jews or people properly conver-ted may observe the Passover  rituals.

     MAFTIR Numbers 28:16-25

    HAFTORAH  Joshua 3:5–7, 5:2–6:1, 6:27 ~ page 1009