• Rabbi’s Challenge

    Have Knowledge, Will Travel.

    Choose a time, a topic, a location and Rabbi Pearlson will meet you and raise your knowledge quotient.

    Outreach in the truest sense of the word. We know that work, family…a host of obligations may prevent you from coming to us, so we will come to you!

    Breaking for lunch? (If not, your mother will not be pleased.) Make it a Learning Lunch. Select a topic of interest to you and your colleagues (or congregants, or classmates, or co-workers) and Rabbi Pearlson will provide everything but the food (food for thought? yes; food for lunch? no).

    Make it an evening, a Sunday, a mid-afternoon respite from your daily grind. Rabbi Pearlson is a man on a mission…to expand your knowledge and enhance your understanding.

    Contact Rabbi Pearlson to pursue the possibilies.

    Some suggestions?

    Hidden Codes of The Torah
    Chasidism and Ecstasy
    What is Judaism’s attitude toward “Life after Death”?
    What is Judaism’s attitude toward Reincarnation?
    What does Kabbalah say about ESP and mind control?

    Life Cycles
    Brit Milah (Circumcision)
    Baby namings
    Bar and Bat Mitzvah
    The Jewish Wedding
    Birth and Child Rearing
    Death and Dying…”When is death final?”

    “How-to” Ritual Guide
    Shabbat Zmirot (Songs)
    Laws of Kashrut (Keeping Kosher): Health, Ethics or Spiritual?
    Shabbat Studies

    Israel, American Jewry and Zionism:
    A Crash Course in Israeli Parties and Politics
    Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalism
    Business Ethics: A Practical Guide To Everyday Situations
    Anti-Semitism In America: On the Rise or Waning?

    Jewish Sex, Dating, and Marriage
    Family Purity and Mikvah
    Kosher Sex and Forbidden Love
    Finding your ‘Bashert‘ (Yiddish: literally, Destiny)

    How to Participate and Lead Services
    Weekday Shacharit (Morning Service)
    Minchah/Ma’ariv (Afternoon/Evening Service)
    Torah Gabbai (Torah “Assistant”)

    How to Use Ritual Items
    Talit (Prayer Shawl)
    Tefillin (Phylacteries)
    Sifrei Torah (Torah Scrolls)

    Jewish History
    Ancient Israel:
    • Biblical Archaeology
    • Masada
    • Katzrin and Gamla
    • The Kotel and The Tunnel
    Medieval Europe
    The Golden Age of Sefardic Jewry
    The Renaissance
    The Crusades and Inquisition