• Rabbi’s Downloads

    Sample Listing of Torah@Menorah Lectures:
    (Currently we have a number of lectures available for download as a PDF. If the lecture you wish to download has not been linked, please let us know.)

    The History of Choosing Judaism: 2000 years of famous converts to Judaism

    The Rabbinic Tunnels under the Kotel: an archeological study

    King David’s Palace and Amazing Proof of Biblical History

    How Mezuzot and Tefillin are made

    Hats, Caps, and Wigs: how to tell one group of Jews from another

    New Anti-Semitism: “The Jews alive today are not the real Jews of history”

    The Halachic Guidelines for Organ Donations

    The Greatest Pirates of History: Jews Pirates of the Caribbean

    New Archeological Evidence of T’cheilet: the mystical blue dye of ancient tzitizit (fringes)

    The New Findings at the Ancient City of Katzrin in the Golan Heights and Its Political Ramifications

    Archeological Evidence of the Altar of Joshua

    A Scientific, Geographical, and Topographical Examination of the Whereabouts of the Garden of Eden.

    Jewish Imagery in the Sistine Chapel and Jewish Influence in Michelangelo’s Life

    Fundamentals of Jewish Medical Ethics

    Genesis and the Big Bang

    Was Columbus Really Jewish? A review of 17 books and articles claiming substantiation of historical rumors