• Staff Items

    I would like to use this page as a means of distributing forms (and other appropriate material) rather than sending e-mail attachments.

    The benefit is that you may return here whenever necessary rather than attempt to keep track of e-mail attachments (a semi-hopeless endeavor that plagues us all).

    For starters, below are the first in a series of links to downloadable items or worthwhile web pages. The bold green text will automatically download a pdf file or take you to the referenced page:

    Step-by step instructions for posting an item to Federation’s Community Post.
    This file contains all the information you need to log in and create a formatted post. As a tagged pdf file, all links are active, e.g. the URL for The Community Post page is a live link to that page on the web.

    Picnik is a free online photo editing application which enables you to crop, rotate, adjust, resize, rename, and generally fiddle with your photos. It can access images from (and save to) Picasa and Flikr, gives you the option to e-mail or print, as well as the option to connect images to Facebook and Twitter. Well worth a look. We will be using it (unless you already have an image manipulation application) for images uploaded to your web pages.