• Vaetchanan ~ 5774 ~

    Vaetchanan ~ 5774 ~ 



    Parashah Study Questions

    1. How many astral bodies are visible to the human eye according to verse 4:19? What modern possibilities are alluded to here?

    2. How did the decree that Moshe not enter the Land affect him even in death (v. 4:22)? Is this true only for Moshe?

    3. In verse 4:42 is “neighbor” the most accurate translation of the Hebrew? What is the better translation? What do we learn from this?

    4. If we are to be numerous as the stars and sand, what does it mean that the Jews are the “smallest nation” (v. 7:7)?

    5. What holiday is observed on the 15th of Av? What is its relationship to Tisha B’Av?