• Women’s Auxiliary

    Dear Friends,

    Every year since 1992, a group of dedicated women in our Temple, have understood that we need to provide the Temple, our Temple Menorah Jewish Montessori pre-school, and the Mahkolet Academy (our Hebrew K-7 program) with events and fundraising.

    Last year, we hosted the Mother’s and Father’s Day Shabbatot with hundreds of people participating. Our Annual Youth & Scholarship Dinner helps provide the funding, needed more than ever, for young children to attend the Temple Menorah Jewish Montessori pre-school and the after school Mahkolet Academy.

    The women of our Temple have always been a guiding light and energy, responsible for so many special activities and successful improvements in our Temple. It is a joy and a privilege for me to work with a group of such special Jewish women, and I so want you to be part of this wonderful energy and dedication to our Temple.

    Currently, we are actively supporting the Kosher Food Bank with the purchase of items that are in demand. Download the KFB flier and be sure to take it along with you on your next grocery shopping trip.

    This coming year, we have wonderful plans to add more events, but we need you to join us by becoming a member!

    For membership information, or to discover the significant role women play at Temple Menorah, contact Jennifer Olemberg.

    Jennifer Olemberg
    Women’s Auxiliary Coordinator

    Women’s Auxiliary Trustees 2011

    Regina Behar
    Mytyl Bister
    Raquel Bondar
    Fanny Dascal
    Becky Delaster
    Sugar Firtel
    Bebe Gambach
    Ruth Goldberg
    Lisette Goldstein
    Daisy Gross
    Fanny Hanono
    Ellen Gottlieb
    Berta Jove
    Marcia Kokiel
    Elena Kolker
    Ayala Koplowich
    Rebeca Kravec
    Lidia Kriger
    Harriet Kutell
    Rosalind Lanes
    Tania Lapciuc
    Aida Mitrani
    Isabel Morjaim
    Edith Newman
    Kelly Nitkin
    Myriam Notkin
    Jennifer Olemberg
    Nieves Olemberg
    Mirra Papir
    Judy Pearlson
    Masha Phillips
    Rhalda Prystowsky
    Jeanne Rosen
    Zoila Satanosky
    Rela Schniadoski
    Sofia Schwartzbaum
    Nelia Sinai
    Gerty Sobie
    Helen Sobie
    Esther Tuchman
    Elena Weck
    Alma Weintraub
    Nancy Yariv
    Ray Ellen Yarkin
    Rosita Zelcer

    Women’s Auxiliary Members 2011
    (current as of 28 September 2011)

    Elizabeth Allocco
    Raquel Aneckstein
    Linda Azicri
    Eva Babil
    Sima Baikovitz
    Simone Baikovitz
    Meche Bakalchuk
    Brenda Barfield
    Ethel Berens
    Diana Berenson
    Regina Berman
    Anita Bigelman
    Regina Bisk
    Maribel Casanova
    Rose Chorowski
    Barbara Epstein
    Sara Egozi
    Elizabeth Frai
    Barbara Ginzburg
    Berta Ginzburg
    Esther Gorfinkel
    Zenaida Habif
    Guta Huppert
    Judy Kapiloff
    Margarita Kaufman
    Juliette Klepach
    Raquel Kubiliun
    Luisa Lerman
    Dalia Levine
    Rosa Lew
    Esther Litvin
    Gisela Lusky
    Sandra Martel
    Dana Miller
    Marta Olchyk
    Dolores Order
    Rosa Terner Papir
    Hilda Peljovich
    Hilda Pozo
    Susy Rapport
    Eva Rosen
    Sylvia Rotbart
    Mimi Rudman
    Frida Sapoznik
    Bonnie Schwartzbaum
    Teresa Shuster
    Rita Srebnick
    Judith Strachman
    Loretta Susi
    Esther Teitelbaum
    Mery Terner
    Davideen Werner
    Becky Zarco